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Ticket Resale

  • On-site resale or attempted resale of concert or gate admission tickets is against venue policy and is grounds for seizure or cancellation of ticket without refund or other compensation.
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Unauthorized Ticket Agents

  • The Jackson County Expo does not guarantee the authenticity of tickets purchased from any unauthorized ticket agency. (i.e., tickets sold on the street, etc). Tickets bought from an unauthorized ticket agency cannot be guaranteed and will be null and void if duplicate tickets are presented at the event.

Rogue MusicFest Wristband Refunds

Any refunds remaining outstanding after August 31, 2023, will be paid by check to the address used on the ticket order and wristbands will be disabled. Orders with no address and/or unclaimed cash amounts will be sent to the State Unclaimed Property if not claimed by September 30, 2025. Until that time, unidentified funds can still be claimed by filling out this form Click Here

BiMart Amphitheater Seated Platinum

BiMart Amphitheater SRO Platinum

Seven Feathers Event Center

Terms & Conditions
Event. The following terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) apply to your purchase and/or use of a ticket or tickets (“Ticket” or “Tickets”) to any event or events (“Event” or “Events”) at the Jackson County Expo (the “Venue”). The Venue is owned and operated by Jackson County by and through its Jackson County Fair Board. Your use of the Ticket(s) is additionally subject to all other rules issued from time to time (“Rules”) by the Jackson County Fair Board or the Jackson County Expo Director and their designees (collectively, the “Authorities”). Each person who purchases or uses a Ticket to an Event (“You”, “Your,” or “Ticket Holder”) consents to these Terms and Conditions and the Rules, as may be revised or replaced by the Authorities from time to time. complete Ticket Terms and Conditions.

No refunds or exchanges.

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